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AFC Annual Report

Learn about what the AFC has been up to in the past year and the exciting collaborative activities we have coming up in our 2017 AFC Annual Report.


Previous Reports:

2016 AFC Annual Report

Annual Meeting

Every year, the AFC hosts a meetingĀ for members to spend a day and a half together and share updates, discuss key issues, and develop plans for greater collaboration. New organizations may be invited to participate in the Annual Meeting at the discretion of the Steering Committee. The next AFC Annual Meeting will take place in Toronto, ON, Canada on October 18 & 19, 2017.

Arctic Learning Trip

The AFC organizes field trips to the North to provide members an opportunity to connect with communities, learn more about Northern cultures, and witness the impacts of Northern-led projects and programs. Often funders who are not members of the AFC, but who are working in a relevant area and interested in participating, will join.

Collaborative Funding

Where an opportunity is identified by the AFC members to leverage funds as a collective towards a selected cause, the AFC will help to facilitate collaborative funding activities for those members interested in participating.


The Arctic Governance Project was an initiative sponsored by AFC Members to enable the policy community to frame critical Arctic governance issues and to propose innovative responses for a sustainable future.


In 2016, members pooled money to support the Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council for the Better Arctic Funding Mechanism, an initiative to develop a more stable and permanent funding mechanism to build greater capacity within the Permanent Participants to have more meaningful participation in the Arctic Council.

Networking and Outreach

The AFC participates in and hosts events to raise awareness about the Arctic, engage the broader philanthropic community in dialogue, and provide support to new funders interested in exploring Arctic philanthropy. We collaborate with other philanthropic networks to share our experiences as a funders collaborative seeking to facilitate more responsible and effective grant-making across the Arctic.

Best Practices

The AFC promotes respectful, reciprocal, and responsible partnerships between philanthropic and Indigenous and Northern communities. We lead best practices that build relationships with the communities and people with which we partner, and seek to develop a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, environmental, and political context of the North. We recognize and aspire to exemplify the need for Northern communities to be supported in advancing their priorities and leading their own approaches to managing challenges and opportunities across the Arctic.