Arctic Indigenous Fund

The Arctic Indigenous Fund is a new philanthropic fund led by a team of eight young Indigenous leaders from across the Arctic including Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Norway. The Arctic Indigenous Fund Advisors are designing their own uniquely Northern Indigenous grantmaking strategy.


The Arctic Indigenous Fund’s mission is Indigenous-led philanthropy in the Arctic that is rooted in Indigenous cultures, traditions, and self-identified goals for the future.


Our vision is for thriving Indigenous communities in the Arctic and we support that vision by doing grantmaking work in the Arctic that is guided by our cultural values:

  • Acknowledging our communities make decisions for themselves on their own terms;
  • Helping one another, because we are stronger together;
  • Embracing the healing powers of lands and waters;
  • Treating each other and our partners with respect, patience, and kindness;
  • Carrying out our responsibilities in a manner that is flexible, knowledgeable, transparent, accountable, and inclusive; and
  • Contributing to the strength of our communities, while maintaining a spirit of humility, humour, and generosity.


Stay tuned for more updates and information about the Arctic Indigenous Fund!