Who We Are

AFC Members 2018


Membership Guidelines

The members of the Arctic Funders Collaborative fall under the following criteria:


  1. Be a grant-maker in the Arctic; broadly defined;
  2. Demonstrate values aligned with the mission of the AFC;
  3. Make financial contributions annually towards maintaining the collaborative


New membership inquiries are considered by the Steering Committee along side the AFC Director.

We support new Northern grantmakers that need some time to learn more about the North and the AFC by inviting interested organizations to engage as a ‘Observers’ of the Collaborative’s activities. Observers will be included in communications from the AFC and may be invited to participate in the annual meeting, learning trips, and other collaborative activities. Observers may be asked to contribute to meeting or learning trip costs if they wish to participate. After there has been opportunity to learn more and determine if joining the AFC would be mutually beneficial, new members may be invited.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Arctic Funders Collaborative’s Director, Itoah Scott-Enns, at director@arcticfunders.com if you would like to learn more about the North, our members, or the work of the AFC. We are always keen to hear from other grantmakers and learn about you work!

Membership Dues

Membership Dues are the primary component of the AFC Budget and allow AFC Staff to advance the mission and vision of the Collaborative in direct support of members. AFC members self-identify their dues based on the following guidelines. While members are expected pay in alignment with the table below, the AFC aspires to remain inclusive as possible and will accommodate members who may need to pay at levels outside of the suggested tiers.

  • Public Foundation
  • $$5,000 - $9,000monthly
  • Smaller Private Foundation
  • $$10,000 - $19,000monthly
  • 'Field Building' Foundation
  • $$20,000 - $25,000monthly

Each member is expected to pay membership fees for the AFC during the first quarter of every calendar year (January-March).